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Junior Purvis-Owner/Artist
At the age of 5, Junior remembers getting bitten by the artistic bug as he found himself drawing on his mom's bedroom door and pretty much anything else in the house he could use as a mural! Instead of being interested in Matchbox cars or playing baseball outside with his friends, he could often times be found buried deep in a pad of paper drawing and sketching. Junior remembers being held back in the 4th grade because instead of taking the actual test he would turn it over and sketch/draw on the back of the paper. He clearly remembers his parents and teachers were not amused!
Junior did his first tattoo at the ripe old age of 12. He drew a rose on the top of a dagger with a stem wrapping around it. When he was 13 he made a homemade tattoo gun out of a mechanical pencil, an Allen wrench, a Stompers motor and a button (for a cam), with a paper clip as the needle bar. There was no stopping him after this for he discovered the passion of slinging the ink on anyone and everyone who would let him.
In 1990, Junior apprenticed under the watchful eye of Richard Weaver, who was the owner of Tattoo Magic here in Indianapolis. Richard's work was best known for his painstaking detail, pencil drawings and fine art. Junior stayed with Richard for 3 1/2 years until Junior felt it was time for him to venture out on his own to show the community, city and world what he could do. He ended up applying for a job at Skin Quake and working under the watchful eye of Saint Mark (aka Mark Agee). Junior continued on at Skin Quake for three years until the opportunity to start his own tattoo shop arose which was something he just couldn't pass up.
Junior opened Sacred Ink in 1996. He along with the help of Tom White helped set new trends in the tattoo industry. Junior's business flourished and so did his reputation for being one of the best artists in the city.
In 2007, Junior appeared on the Speed Channel in an episode of Super Bikes where he tattooed one of Team No Limit's Freestyle Stunt Riders. He also designed the artwork that was applied to a custom built chopper for the Indianapolis Colts. His designs and airbrush art have also been featured in numerous sport bike magazines.
In 2009, Junior opened his own tattoo shop by the name of Altered Image on Indy's south side where he still works today. Recently, Junior has been a guest judge for an array of tattoo conventions including Days of the Dead and the Ink Slingers Ball. Several times a year, he also travels to New Orleans to tattoo their cities finest in the police force and fire department. It is Junior's not too distant dream to open another shop in New Orleans so that he can split his time between the two cities.
Junior currently resides in Indianapolis with his wife.
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